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Custom fit

At Flow Garments I pride myself on a holistic approach to compression garments made whilst you wait.

All my garments are individually measured to suit your body. They are handmade on the spot then assessed ten days later for fit and comfort. I then review your garment after three months to ensure it is giving you maximum support and benefit for your condition.

I specialise in making the following styles
of compression garments:

Compression Garment

• Arm sleeves
• Gloves
• Gauntlets
• Vests
• Pantihose
• Thigh High
• Knee High
• Toe glove

As my garments are hand made I can tailor them to any size or shape.

Call me on 0433 585 143 to discuss
your requirements and or make an appointment.

Why choose custom fit?

Whilst I use the latest materials available today I strongly believe that it is my custom made fit through hand tailoring that allows my clients to achieve maximum benefit from their compression garments. If your arm or leg is not a 'standard' shape or size, I know my custom made compression garments will provide you with a better fit, better comfort and better results.


Phone: 0433 585 143